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Picking The Right Hunting Pack

Backpacks Are A Fundamental Part Of Any Hunt Besides the obvious items such as a weapon, ammunition, camouflage, etc., a backpack can also be an integral part of any hunt and depending on where you are hunting and what you are hunting for, a quality pack can be crucial on many hunts.

Packs don’t get as much written about them as they deserve.  You often don’t hear or read much about them, but they can be the unsung heroes of a hunt, fishing trip or a simple hike.

There are different packs for different situations and outings.  Some are pretty versatile and others are more specific.  Bull Gator Outdoors (BGO) packs fit the bill for virtually any type of outdoor activity you may be doing and are built with quality and comfort in mind.

BGO Hunt 17” Backpack:

This is the perfect backpack for a multitude of purposes.  Sure, it is awesome for the hunter who needs plenty of room for calls, spare releases, knives, binoculars, snacks, water and the like.  It is big enough to hold all the essentials for an all-day sit, yet compact enough to wear easily, hang in a tree, or even wear while still-hunting without being too heavy, bulky or noisy.  Its streamlined profile will also allow for easy movement through the brush without snagging or getting hung up on limbs and brush.  It holds snugly against your body and won’t grab any branches along the trail.

This pack is also perfect for students and business professionals.  When not out in the field, it can double as a backpack for school books and supplies, or it even fits many laptops and other work garb for when you need it on a business trip or the commute to or from the office.

BGO Hunt 19” Pack:

If a bigger pack with deeper compartments is what you need, then this pack will fit the bill.  Whether hunting out west or needing the space to pack enough stuff for an all-day sit in the stand, our 19” pack has enough room for whatever you need to bring along on just such a hunt.  The larger, deeper pockets also offer enough space for those larger items.  Rattling antlers, spotting scopes, whatever it is, you’ll have the room to take it with you, plus, not be burdened down with a heavier pack while trekking long distances in rough terrain.

Another unique feature to this pack is the multiple lash straps that allow you to secure things to the outside of the pack as well.  Such straps are usually only found on larger, bulkier packs, but we decided to add this handy feature to a smaller framed pack for added convenience.  Temperatures and weather conditions can change drastically in the spring and fall in many areas, having the ability to tote extra clothing and gear conveniently so that you can adapt to varying conditions is important to you, so it was important to us when designing this pack.  This feature allowed us to keep the overall footprint of the pack smaller and lighter, while still making it possible for you to carry everything you need in comfort.

And, just like the 17” pack, our 19” pack also works great for school or business needs as well.  The larger compartments will accommodate larger tablets or laptops plus all of the items you’ll need to make school or work productively when you have to do these things but would rather be outdoors!

BGO Hunt Duffel Bag:

You’ll also need a duffel to store your extra clothes and miscellaneous items that you don’t pack into the field with you.  This is where our duffel comes in.

Just like our packs, the duffel is compact at 24”X14” X14”, yet is not short on room.  With more outside zippered pockets than most other bags, our duffel lets us carry lots of different items with you on your adventure.  From extra calls and strikers to fishing reels, spools of line, tools, pens, calculators – whatever, you can store more items in these pockets, which means less clutter inside the bag, and more room for what belongs in there – clothing and the like.

Our duffel also weighs less than most backpacks.  At only 3 pounds, it packs a lot of punch for its size and won’t weigh you down.  While it may hold as much as many other larger bags, your BGO duffel will also fit in overhead carry-on compartments.

Just like our tough-as-nails garments, our packs and bags are tough, quiet and comfortable.  All of them feature a tight micro-weave construction that is both water and burr resistant.

Look to BGO for your next bag or duffel when you have high expectations and value.  We think you’ll agree, with our products, you get unsurpassed quality and durability at bargain prices.

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