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The Story of Bullgator Outdoors

Bullgator Outdoors Camo Apparel naturally blends with any setting, but excels in the habitat of the Southern United States. Whether you love the outdoors, are a serious hunter or fisherman, or you simply want to wear a brand that separates you from the crowd, Bullgator Apparel delivers!  Bullgator Outdoor Apparel is manufactured using the highest quality performance fabrics and components to make it as tough as nails and extremely comfortable in just about any setting.


Our Southern Roots help us to be “More than a Business” by promoting the values of faith, family, freedom, and the love of the great outdoors. With these core values -- those that wear Bullgator Camo Apparel try to follow the same values in life, with active lifestyles in hunting, fishing, and sports. Welcome to the Bullgator Outdoors Family!


Bullgator Apparel is Sold and Marketed exclusively through Burbs USA. 





The Story of Bullgator Outdoors

BullGator Camo is the product of the Martin family, Tom, Sally, Monica, and John. The beginning, however, goes back to the 1960’s when Tom was a youngster. Tom and his older brother Rick were raised in a very tight-knit family in the small East Texas paper mill town of Lufkin and introduced to camping, hunting, fishing, shooting and camouflage at a very young age. The East Texas woods and the backwaters of the Angelina River became Tom’s school ground and playground. Scouting for deer, still hunting squirrels, shooting Woodies along the sloughs, and running trotlines on the Angelina River was an every weekend occurrence. God’s great outdoors and everything in them became his passion.


Lunch at the clubhouse area was also a community event complete with squirrel stew. The squirrels cooked almost whole, head and all. Man was that good. Early afternoon we all piled into the Willys, off to “build” me a blind. (Have I told you how excited I was) After showing my folks the scrape, we found a great spot for a blind. Taking the old folding lawn chair out of the tin “house” we placed it up against a small brush pile 30 yards from the scrape. We gathered up a bunch of fairly large size dead-fall limbs and built my new blind. Presto, perfecto, couldn’t be better.






In the late 80’s Tom and Sally moved to Florida where they started their family and careers. Tom’s hunting took a back seat for a few years but he never lost his passion. He always seemed to find time to get outdoors taking the kids whenever possible. In 2004 the Martin Family began their obsession with Alligator hunting. Stalking one of the last remaining prehistoric pinnacle predators with a rod, reel, snatch hook, harpoon, bang stick, and in an airboat, seemed to be the ultimate combination of hunting, fishing, and adventure. In the open water, on the shore, or in the marsh, the alligator’s natural camo pattern made spotting them difficult. On one particular hunt, when the team was struggling to find a nice gator, someone said “Where are they?! They’re so camouflaged, we should make a camo pattern just like them!” The idea was born.



In 2010 Tom started working on the pattern and it wasn’t long before the entire family was involved. The initial patterns were evaluated not only by the family but a few select longtime friends and hunters who gave their honest feedback. There were many starts and stops, revision after revision until the final pattern and coloration were chosen. Finding a coloration that was good for a large variety of terrains and hunting was challenging yet successful. Patents and trademarks followed and after a long search for a manufacturer, the first run of camo clothing came to market in the spring of 2015. A particular thank you goes to Trent Ebner a long time friend, avid hunter and professional marketer for his input in many areas.


BullGator camo has been used in a wide range of environments and terrains including Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Texas, Nevada, Arizona, Montana, Colorado, Pennsylvania, New York, North Carolina, South Carolina and Kentucky, and has been successful for all types of hunting including ducks, geese, deer, turkey, hogs, elk, and sheep.



Meyerco USA was the first to license the pattern producing bags and backpacks. This has been followed by CKK Industries making Kydex for handgun holsters and knife sheaths and the TWN Corporation producing hydrographic film. Multiple outdoor groups currently use BullGator Camo including Busted Rack Outdoors, The Swanson Media Group, The Turkeyologists, Veteran Predator Hunters, and Feather Fin and Fur Outdoors.

In producing BullGator Camo the goal was not only to develop “the Meanest Camo on the Planet”, but also to develop a following of like-minded people. We didn’t want to cater to any particular group but to the everyday ordinary person that loves the outdoors and has similar values that we have. From that came our guiding principles in this venture – FAITH, FAMILY, FREEDOM, AND LOVE OF THE GREAT OUTDOORS. Join the BullGator Family by reading our blog, contributing to our galleries and following us on FB, Instagram, and Twitter.

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