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Turkey Hunting in The South

A Better Turkey Hunting Camo

If ever there is a time when camo means everything, it is in the turkey woods.  Wild turkeys can – and will – spot any bare spot or imperfection in your get-up and the time to figure that out is not in the middle of a hunt.  To combat the keen eyesight of a wily old tom, try using Bull Gator camouflage this spring.

Bull Gator camouflage is specifically designed to blend into any and all surroundings by mimicking one of the most successful predators in nature; the alligator.  Alligators have been able to survive since dinosaurs roamed the earth, partly for their ability to disappear in plain sight.  Our camo was designed to help hunters do the very same thing.

BullGator camo was patterned off of these prolific predators and is, therefore, able to blend into almost any surrounding a turkey hunter may find himself in.  This comes in especially handy for turkey hunting in the south, where types of terrain and vegetation can be as varied as a wily longbeard’s behavior.

It Disappears in any terrain:

From the cypress swamps of the southeast to the pines and hardwoods of the deep south to the open terrain of the southwest that makes up different reaches of the wild turkey’s range, our pattern will be sure to keep you covered and out of sight at the moment of truth when you strike that ol’ Tom – regardless of where you have to make your set-up at.

Where Bull Gator distances itself from other patterns is the fact that not every turkey hunt occurs in the same type of environment.  This can be especially true in the south, where turkey hunting was a big deal long before it was anywhere else.  Depending on where in the south you may be hunting, palmetto leaves, swamps, and pine thickets can be the norm; areas where most other conventional camouflages may be lacking.

While Bull Gator camo is perfectly suited for turkey hunts in the south, it is just at home in the wood lots of the Midwest or mountains of the West.  There is no need to have different camo patterns if you are one of those die-hards who hunt multiple states each year.  At Bull Gator, we have you covered.

For instance, a morning roost hunt may find a hunter sitting against a tree waiting on a gobbler to fly down into a decoy spread.  When seated against a tree, there usually aren’t limbs or leaves that low towards the base of the tree.  This is where Bull Gator has an advantage.  With its unique design, it blends perfectly into the bark of a tree trunk that most turkey hunters find themselves propped up against for the first couple of hours in the morning.

Other hunts can find hunters without a tree in sight.   Spotting a gobbler in an agricultural field may require a quick set-up in a fencerow or brush pile.  Still yet, reaping a turkey may mean having to disappear in a wide open harvested soybean field; something a bark and leaf-based system aren’t designed for.

Tough, Comfortable and Dry:

Beyond just helping you blend in, regardless of your surroundings, Bull Gator hunting wear is tough, yet comfortable.  With its unique tight micro-fiber design, you can focus your energy on finding gobblers, not worrying about navigating that briar patch or barbed-wire fence to get to them.

Spring weather can also be a big factor in any turkey hunt.  Who has room to pack a rain suit in their turkey vest?  With Bull Gator, there is no need to.  Its water resistance is sure to keep all but a complete downpour from sogging up your hunt, something that you’ll surely appreciate anywhere in the south in the spring, where a spring shower can pop up without warning.

For any hunt, our camo has you covered; From those first of the year hunts in the South, to the last ones in the upper Midwest.  Rain, snow or shine, one camo truly can do it all.  Give Bull Gator a try on your hunts this spring and be the dominant predator, regardless of terrain or weather conditions.

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